What’s coming up at #ICRA2024?


The 2024 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) will take place from 13-17 May, in Yokohama, Japan. The event will feature plenary and keynote talks, technical sessions, posters, workshops and tutorials.

Plenary speakers

There are three plenary talks at the conference this year:

  • Yoky Matsuoka – How to Turn a Roboticist into a Corporate Explorer
  • Sami Haddadin – The Great Robot Accelerator: Collective Learning of Optimal Embodied AI
  • Sunil K Agrawal – Rehabilitation Robotics: How to Improve Daily Functions in People with Impairments?

Keynote talks

There will be 15 keynote talks, given by:

  • Lianqing Liu – Biosyncretic sensing, actuation and intelligence for robotics
  • Dawn M. Tilbury – Digital Twins for Manufacturing Automation
  • Claudio Pacchierotti – Beyond Force Feedback: Cutaneous Haptics in Human-centered Robotics
  • Yu Sun – Medical Robotics for Cell Surgery – Science and Applications
  • Yasuhisa Hirata – Adaptable AI-enabled Robots to Create a Vibrant Society – Moonshot R&D Projects in Japan
  • Calin Belta – Formal Methods for Safety-Critical Control
  • Manuel Catalano – Robots in the Wild: From Research Labs to the Real World
  • Harold Soh – Building Guidance Bridges with Generative Models for Robot Learning and Control
  • Lorenzo Sabattini – Unleashing the power of many: decentralized control of multi-robot systems
  • Myunghee Kim – Human-wearable robot co-adaptation
  • Yoko Yamanishi – Emergent Functions of Electrically-induced Bubbles and Intra-cellular-Cybernetic Avatar
  • Kensuke Harada – Robotic manipulation aiming for industrial applications
  • Iolanda Leite – The Quest for Social Robot Autonomy
  • Rong Xiong – Integration of Robotics and AI: Changes and Challenges
  • Mariana Medina-Sánchez – Tiny Robots, Big Impact: Transforming Gynecological Care


The tutorials will be held on Monday 13 May and Friday 17 May.


The workshops will also be held on Monday 13 May and Friday 17 May. There are 73 to choose from this year.

You can see the programme overview here, with a detailed programme available here.