[UPDATE] A list of resources, articles, and opinion pieces relating to large language models & robotics


A black keyboard at the bottom of the picture has an open book on it, with red words in labels floating on top, with a letter A balanced on top of them. The perspective makes the composition form a kind of triangle from the keyboard to the capital A. The AI filter makes it look like a messy, with a kind of cartoon style.Teresa Berndtsson / Better Images of AI / Letter Word Text Taxonomy / Licenced by CC-BY 4.0.

We’ve collected some of the articles, opinion pieces, videos and resources relating to large language models (LLMs). Some of these links also cover other generative models. We will periodically update this list to add any further resources of interest. This article represents the first update. (The original list is here.)

What LLMs are and how they work

Journal, conference, arXiv, and other articles

Newspaper, magazine, University website, and blogpost articles


Podcasts and video discussions

Focus on LLMs and education

Relating to art and other creative processes

Pertaining to robotics

Misinformation, fake news and the impact on journalism

Regulation and policy